The BYTE 2 Year Anniversary CD
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nyc's synthi-sexy monthly

sunday, november 14th 9PM
at delancey lounge 168 delancey (between clinton and attorney)
f,j or z train to essex . two blocks east to clinton

dj's: lucien. dr. octo-pusy. dj evets. dj ru.
live music: hong kong counterfeit. The dead sexy (from Paris)

video the SMack! Video Lab
art stephen holding . michelle nixon

featuring jz bitch
*the BYTE girls, led by clea cutthroat & dark jane*

dungeon with BYTE !
hosted this month by the mistresses of Ball and Chains

door goddess; persia
$5 for fetish . cyber . goth . punk. fashionistas
and anyone who can leave their inhibitions at home...

$7 for all black... $10 all else. 21 and over please... no exceptions.


drink specials
$5 vodka red bulls . $5 bloodbaths .$6 for a bud and a kamikaze shot

additional presence, guidance and support...
cover art by yego 13.

the dark and durty girls . father vincent . abby editrix.
the domain . . korova milk bar .
metropolis records . art of fact records.
WSIA . pro-sho.
darenzia. independent .
d'drennan . natasha . persia . red bull . raven cafe
. cage23 .
and most of all, those who show up and enjoy

remember, events are only as good as those who participate...
so please show your support ! us

www BYTE www

we are always in search of : artists, bands, djs, performers, web designers, animators and... let's just leave it as, "any and all who come forward to express imaginative ideas!".

the BYTE crew is here to encourage you by setting the tone and environment. we value all ideas and suggestions you submit to us which will continue to make what we do even better! please continue to be supportive in order for us to bring you the proper results...

many of you have photos from our events that we could use for our future pages, so please submit any images to:

suggestions? comments?

support the scenes... any scenes. they're only as good as those who participate.